How it all Started

Why did I say that?

I am infamous for saying things that come back to bite me.

Family Portrait

Me, my mom (who started my obsession) and my dad, (who pays for it!)

It all started when I would see my mom carrying patterned purses all the time. One day, she asked if I wanted to go look at Vera Bradley purses, to which I replied, “Mom, I will never carry one of those old women purses!”

My, how Things Change

More than 75 Vera Bradley items later, I am truly eating my own words.

Vera Bradley has become a staple in my wardrobe. There isn’t a day that you won’t see me with some sort of Vera Bradley purse or accessory.

After my first purchase, I became a huge fan of the functionality of Vera’s purses. But I couldn’t stop there. Next, I had to buy the matching wallet, make-up-bag and overnight bag.

My first Vera purse

My first Vera Bradley purse, the hipster.

I was officially obsessed; and nothing has changed.

Small Town Girl

I grew up in a small town with only one store that sold Vera Bradley. I got to know the two women who owned the store on a first name basis and whenever new merchandise would come in, they would call me to let me know.  So within 10 minutes, I would drive downtown and look at the new patterns. I knew some women who would go to the store and have to buy everything in the same pattern. But my favorite is to buy different patterns that go with different outfits during all four seasons.

Through the Years

As the years go on, I’m constantly excited for the new products that Vera Bradley brings out four times a year. In fact, the new patterns for winter ’11 will debut in stores September 22, but you can get a sneak peak on the official Vera Bradley Blog now.

My latest purchase, which I have been praying Vera Bradley would create, was a stadium blanket. With fall right around the corner, this is the perfect item to keep you warm on a

Stadium Blanket

My cat, Molly, enjoying my Vera Bradley stadium blanket.

chilly night at a football game. I chose the Mocha Rouge pattern, which is my favorite of the four fall ’11 patterns.

A Little Background

According to the Vera Bradley website, the company was founded by Patricia Miller and Barbara Bradley Baekgaard in 1982 after going on vacation and realizing how unstylish women’s luggage looked. The company is named after Veronica Bradley, Barbara Baekgaard’s mother. Veronica Bradley herself even worked for the company as a sales representative until she passed away in the early 1990’s.

Veronica Bradley

Photo of Veronica Bradley, courtesy of

For the past 27 years, these two co-founders have been creating stylish, distinctive quilted cotton purses and accessories that are loved by millions of women worldwide.

Vera Bradley headquarters is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, which is also home to the famous outlet sale, where thousands of women go once a year to get great deals on all Vera products.

More to Come

I hope you have enjoyed my first post on my new blog! Thanks to my class, PR Online, I will be writing about a topic I’m passionate about and I hope you will check back often for product reviews, gift ideas and the occasional post focused on public relations.

Even if you aren’t as obsessed with Vera Bradley as I am, can you remember your first Vera purchase? I’d love to hear about it.

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7 Responses to How it all Started

  1. Allison! Because you are the biggest Vera Bradley fan I know, my sad collection of two items does not compare. BUT, I’d like to note my second of two Vera Bradley purchases. I chose to go the “originality” route and bought a crossbody bag from the Vera Vera ( collection. It’s simple and cute without a pattern, but still has that Vera touch! My friends who are not huge Vera Bradley fans still love my bag and are surprised that it’s Vera. Looking forward to all your Vera Bradley news!

    • Heather, I almost bought the North South bag in this collection for work, but instead bought the metropolitan. But the crossbody bag is a great choice! Very functional and will go with a lot of things!! I’m hoping to get you to make even more purchases after reading my blog for the next three months. 😉

  2. kmobrienpr says:

    Hi Allison! I too love Vera Bradley. However, unlike you I only have three Vera Bradley pieces. My first Vera Bradley piece was a gift from one of my friends for my birthday. It was a makeup bag, which I still use to this day. When I found out a store in my mall sold Vera, I instantly purchased the elephant pattern backpack along with the matching wallet. Since you seem to be a Vera Bradley enthusiast, I have a question for you. Does Vera Bradley ever go on sale? If so, where can I get the best deal?

    • The elephant pattern is adorable. It also was one of the selected patterns to where 10% of the proceeds go towards breast cancer research. I’ll discuss the Vera Bradley Brest Cancer Foundation later on this semester! To answer your question, yes, Vera products always go on sale! Whenever a pattern or a style is retiring, Vera will run a sale on their website and in stores that sell it. It’s normally a steal! You can also check the Vera Bradley website and subscribe to their email- they will let you know when they have featured products for sale. For instance, I received an email from Vera a few months ago that all of their rolling luggage was on sale. I couldn’t pass up the offer- it really was too good to be true!

  3. Lindsay says:

    I love the stadium blanket you chose! And of course, Molly makes a cute addition to that photo as well. It’s interesting that the company started in the 80s–I’ve looked through the old patterns online before and they’re so different! However, the new winter pattern preview looks promising.

    • Lindsay,
      Molly is a great model! She loves how warm the blanket is! And yes, the older patterns are just that..old. Hence why I told my mom I would never carry one. However, the patterns are now geared towards women of all ages- which is smart for their business, and great for me. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  4. Maria says:

    Hi Allison! I’m also a Kent State student, I was just browsing the internet and found your page. I’ve never really been a huge Vera Bradley fan, I only have one piece (an ID holder), but this blog has showed me some different products that they have that are very different. I love your section on the Holidays. The ornaments are adorable and it shows people who may not be into Vera some things that are different an unexpected that may open their eyes to something they may like. I think it would be great to add more of her products that aren’t exactly what people perceive this brand to be. For me it was refreshing to see a couple different items that I never knew existed in the Vera Bradley world. Love the blog and keep up with the good work!

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